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DoD Cancer Registry Program


The Automated Central Tumor Registry (ACTUR) is the current cancer registry system in use in the Department of Defense. It was established on May 5, 1986 by the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs to satisfy the Department of Defense and American College of Surgeon requirements for a comprehensive cancer data reporting system. ACTUR was developed as part of the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) to facilitate inter-hospital usage by military beneficiaries, promote the cost savings associated with a single inter-hospital system, and provide the ability to produce automated reports and studies on a DoD-wide basis. ACTUR was originally developed as muti-hospital data collection system only.


  • Maintaining a consolidated registry function to ensure quality of data collected.
  • Implement training opportunities for registry personnel working in non-accredited/accredited facilities.
  • Market the potential of DoD cancer data as a beneficial tool for cancer research, surveillance, and reporting activities.

Consolidated Cancer Registry

A consolidated registry function for the ACTUR data was established in 2003. This registry currently contains consolidated data from the year 1998 to the present. Through implementation of this consolidated registry function, we hope to be more responsive with quality research data for tracking and analyzing DoD total force and beneficiary cancer incidence trends. The long-term vision for the cancer registry program is to link DoD cancer data with data from other applicable databases in order to track cancer data for all DoD beneficiaries across time.
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