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JPC Self-Assessment Catalog

  • Veterinary Systemic Pathology Online (VSPO)
    VSPO embodies the core veterinary systemic pathology training curriculum at JPC. This database currently contains 775 cases chosen from the following systems: cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, integument, musculoskeletal, nervous, pulmonary, reproductive, special senses, urinary, and hemolymphatic. Each case is labeled with a unique alphanumeric code such as D-N04, which identifies both the organ system represented (Digestive, Cardiovascular, etc.) as well as the type of disease process involved (Neoplastic, Bacterial, etc.). You may view cases as known or unknown entities, body system and species.
  • Wednesday Slide Conference (WSC)
    The WSC is held at the JPC on Wednesdays for 25 weeks each year from September through May. Each conference presents four unknown cases of classic or newly discovered diseases or entities.
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